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Cooling fan

Brushless DC axial fan

Thank the following companies for 14 years of trust and support yrway!

1Companies grand scale. Rich Experience

  • Our company was founded in 2000, plant area of 13,500 square meters,employs more than 400 people.
  • We focusDevelopment,and manufacturing of high-end AC and DC cooling products.
  • We produce not only products, but also the industry standard.

2Our team stop service

  • Our teamFor your products, to provide you with the best solution
  • Accordance with customer requirements, development and design of various types of high-efficiency AC and DC fans and brushless DC motors, pumps, to meet and exceed customer expectations;
  • 7 * 24-hour telephone unimpeded, whenever and wherever you choose yrway, is to choose peace of mind

5Thousands of customer choice

  • yrway concerned about environmental protection, response to global environmental protection requirements
  • 10 In recent years, promising electronic cooling products and services company has reached more than 1,000.
  • As long as you choose the yrway, is to choose peace of mind, and you grow together is our greatest wish.

3The lead in establishing ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification

  • We have a continuous improvement of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification to ensure every product we done under strict supervision controls
  • In the development stage, we have conducted a rigorous product reliability testing, in the process, make ORT experiment, and the introduction of SPC control;

4Quality and quantity time delivery

  • In order to guarantee high-quality, advanced equipment is essential, computer balancing machine, magnetizing machine type and efficient operation of the multi-axis winding machine and other production equipment and product testing system fans, tester, Gauss meter, anechoic chamber, wind pressure air flow test equipment and other test equipment to our products from R & D to optimize the stability of the process to provide a guarantee, to ensure the quality, delivery time guarantee
  • Relying on efficient team, independent core technology, strict quality inspection systems, as well as cost-effective products to maximize our customers to provide comprehensive pre-sale, after-sales service; in product manufacturing, you can come at any time to view, full inspection

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technical team

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About Us

Dongguan yrway Electronics Co., Ltd.Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province town of Shek Pai Chikan Industrial Zone along the North was founded in June 2000, specializing in the production of high-end brushless DC pump, DC cooling fan, radiator computer computer accessories, brushless DC motors. More than 90% of exports, the products are widely used in machinery and equipment, medical equipment, handicrafts, electronic gifts, personal computers, communication systems, industrial equipment, household appliances and health products.



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