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Dongguan yrway Electronics Co., Ltd.

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    Dongguan yrway Electronics Co., Ltd.   Cultural ideas

    First, the business purpose: to overcome difficulties and create brilliant; 

    Second, the corporate philosophy: three create (create business value, create customer value, creating employee value). 

    Two train (train business professionals, creating social talents). Three return (return customers, employees, and social returns); 

    Third, the entrepreneurial spirit: unity and innovation, pragmatism and dedication; 

    Fourth, the development of policy: based on domestic, to the world; 

    Five operating principles: market-oriented, technology-driven to efficiency-focused, customer-centric; 

    Sixth, management principles: text-based, people-oriented, science-supported; 

    Seven, work style: resolutely, Nissin knot; 

    Eight, information policy: timely delivery, fast and accurate; 

    Nine, warehousing principles: FIFO, reasonable storage; 

    X. security policy: safety first, prevention first; 

    XI, statistical policy: realistic, true and accurate; 

    XII service lines: polite and restrained, reasonable manner; 

    Thirteen, working principles: perseverance and the pursuit of excellence;

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